Contributing to Dick Smith's advanced professional make-up courseDick Smith’s advanced professional make-up course

During the fall Göran had been asked if he could contribute with pictures of his work and tech tips to the make-up legend Dick Smiths advanced professional make-up course. Dick Smith has for the last 20 years shared his skills and the most advanced techniques of our trade through a correspondence course that exceeds any make-up book on the market. Just to be asked to contribute to this course is an incredible honour and it goes without saying that we put together pictures and text to be e-mailed to Dick’s son David Smith before the end of the month.


In December we also built a quite simple foam latex hand puppet with animatronic eyes for a Finish pilot episode of a possible TV-series. The puppet was of a similar kind as the charicature puppets we built more than 10 years ago for Swedish TV-series “Riksorganet”.