Filming in Riga

We finished the creature character commercial with a 2-day shoot in Riga, sending Göran and Andrea Leanza to do the application work. We worked some crazy hours before we left Sweden to finish everything – facial prosthetics, dentures, wigs, hands, feet and body suits. Even a baby puppet! But those hours turned out to be nothing compared to the 20+ hours per shooting day we worked in Riga!


Creature family for commercial

Already before we had finished “Genius” we were contacted about making a whole family of creature characters for a Swedish commercial. As usual with any project we’re involved in we can’t reveal what kind of characters we’re building before the project in official. All we can say that they will be fun characters! This week we did the head casts and started designing the characters together with the client.


Christmas holiday from “Genius”

After some very intensive 2,5 months on the American drama series “Genius”, filming in Prague, we are looking forward to a week off for Christmas before we throw ourselves into the final, and most intense, period of the shoot producing prosthetics and prosthetics make-ups for make-up designer Davina Lamont.


Test make-up with Ron Howard

Today we had our first test make-up for the TV-series “Genius” with a silicone make-up we produced for one of the main characters. Ron Howard was present to oversee test filming and our make-up passed with flying colours! Göran will also be applying the make-up during filming.


Ageing make-ups for international TV-series

In October we got involved in National Geographics drama series “Genius” about Albert Einsteins life filming in Prague. Make-up designer Davina Lamont contacted us and we started making generic ageing transfers right away.


Make-ups for Mute filming in Berlin

In August we were contacted about helping our lovely colleagues Jörn and Tamar at TC Effects in Berlin with some makeups for Alexanders Skarsgårds and Paul Rudds next film “Mute”. So we produced some silicone prosthetics and 3D transfers in our workshop and Göran flew down to Berlin this passed week to do the initial application together with Tamar.


That’s a wrap!

“Morran & Tobias-the movie” comes to an end today. It’s been great fun witnessing these 2 crazy characters live and being part of their universe! Thanks to everyone involved! We had a blast!


Dharma Estudio asking for help

Arturo Balseiro at Dharma Estudio in Madrid asked if Göran could sculpt a mask for an upcoming filmproject of theirs. Inspired by designs by Arturo we started our own take on these creatures.


A picture of what she looked like a few days before she was finished.

Time for delivery

Now it was time to deliver the dragon to our client. We managed to get everything into a large truck and the dragon arrived in the same condition it left our workshop.


The lead actors Robert Gustafsson and Johan Rheborg in the makeup room on day 1.

Comedy movie

First shooting day of 35 for the feature film about “Morran & Tobias”. And just like the previous TV-series’ there was very short pre-production time, and this time there are plenty of fun gags to do besides the prosthetic noses for the lead characters.


Alien body casting help

Conor O’Sullivan from Creatures Inc in London contacted us for help casting Michael Fassbenders feet for the next Alien-movie shooting in Australia at the moment. Göran and Nelly Guimaras flew over to Oslo in Norway for the day, where he was currently filming, to do the cast.


Dragon design made in Mudbox

Dragon build

We have started our build of a full size dragon for a stage play. It will contain of a mechanical head and neck, a body with wings, a tail and a claw. Initially we hired Tahra Zafar, who – amongst other things – have fabricated big creatures for Star Wars:Force Awakens, to help us build the head and neck in super-light sheet foam.


Biggest creature department of 2015

So we spent the autumn working in the biggest creature department in Europe this year. It was an amazing and incredible experience to work with such a awesome crew.


Dragon design

While in London we also started designing a dragon that is going to built during the spring for a stage version of a famous fairy tale.


Back on a big budget movie in London

Back in London

In September Goran was asked, for the second time this year, to come to London for work on a big budget movie until the end of the year. This time to apply some very cool make-ups on set and paint some masks. Unfortunately we’re not allowed to reveal what film it is just yet.


FX for TV-series Midnight Sun

We got a request to build a dead animal for the French-Swedish TV-series Midnight Sun on really short notice. In 3 days we fabricated the animal and then flew up to the beautiful Northern parts of Sweden to film it.


Time to make a dragon!

EffektStudion was just rewarded the job of building a full size moving dragon for a secret client!! Well, at least part of the dragon. Still in full size though! It will be a massive puppet and the head alone will be about 2 meters long. The design and prep will be done over the course of the coming months and the build will start in January of 2016. This is going to be very cool:-)


Our zombie at IMATS London

IMATS London demo 2015

We have been asked by Mouldlife for a few years now to do a make-up demo at IMATS London. This year we finally had the time and a pretty cool make-up that we could do. We repeated one of our Walking dead the videogame make-ups on fabulous actress Madeleine Barwén Trollvik. Special thanks to Floris Schuller for application help!


Hollywood calling!

In June we got a really amazing job providing work for a big Hollywood production from out of our studio! Like usual we unfortunately can’t talk about what it is at this moment.


Trying out expressions

Swedish director and puppeteer Petter Lennstrand contacted us to make a test puppet for his first feature film to figure out what kind of materials and artistic expressions he wanted for the film.


Stunt coordinator Kimmo Rajala testing out our silicone glove

Fire gag

Swedish stunt coordinator Kimmo Rajala wanted a life like silicone glove that could be set on fire and protect the actors hand from the heat. We cast Swedish actor Jonas Carlssons hand as reference and made a bigger hand to fit him by resculpting another hand cast claypress.


Walking dead videogame zombie

Walking dead the video game

We were asked about this fantastic opportunity to create zombie make-ups for a trailer for the Walking Dead videogame produced by Swedish gaming company Starbreeze. Due to our unavailability we referred the job to make-up artist Anders Bratås who ended up supervising it with us providing 2 make-ups for the trailer.


Emma Watson

Disney’s new live-action Beauty & the Beast

After a long period of supervising the ABBA figures, Göran welcomed the offer to go and work for someone else. He was contacted by the creature FX department for Disney’s live action movie of “Beauty and the Beast”. Most of March and all of April was spent working at Shepperton Studios as sculptor and key painter.


Masks at Monsterpalooza 2015 in Glendale, California

Time for the yearly monster show in LA

We couldn’t miss our new tradition of going to Monsterpalooza again and it just keeps getting better!


Last touch ups on the ABBA figures for ABBA the museum

Top secret job unveiled

Finally! On March 3 it was time to unveil what we started over 16 months ago!! The top secret project that has remained unnamed, turned out to be lifelike portraits of Swedish supergroup ABBA for ABBA the museum in Stockholm, Sweden! It was hard work and a very long production period, even if we didn’t work on this 24/7 for this whole period. But it did give us the chance to keep tweaking things throughout, and we do believe it looks better for it.


More gore for criminal drama

The Swedish police drama Beck are making more films, this time they needed a burnt body and a swollen face. We gladly supplied them with both.


Silicone mask after computer aided transitions have been added

Mission impossible-effect for German commercial

We were contacted by director Calle Åström to help him achieve a “Mission Impossible” pull off face for a German commercial for Edeka. Lovely German actress Nina Ensmann flew over to Sweden for a head cast and we produced a silicone mask of her face.


Scars for Swedish film

Besides our big work load on other projects, we were asked to make bondo-scars to 2 different productions around the same time. The film series of Arne Dahl criminal drama and Swedish Televisions production of “30 degrees in February”, both neeed various degrees of scarring.


Brilliant creature designer Arturo Balseiro on the right and amazing creature sculptor Aris Kolokontes in the back

The Prosthetics Event

On November 16 Neill Gorton hosted his first ever trade show in Birmingham called “The Prosthetics event”. We were there as visitors to support our Spanish colleague Arturo Balseiro who was exhibiting his art at the show.


Clay sculpture

Sculpting exercise

After summer we started a sculpting exercise in our spare time to be free from the restraints of having specific designs and practice some creature sculpting. This is what came out of it!


Silicone pregnant belly for the Swedish film "My so called dad"

Premiere for “MI:4”-actor Mikael Nyqvist’s latest film

This weekend was the opening of the latest film with actor Mikael Nyqvist – “My so called dad” – in Swedish cinemas. We were hired to make a realistic pregnant belly in silicone that was very well received on-set. We also managed to show the production that it could be done without the need of any digital tweaking, saving them more money in post than the belly cost to make!


IMATS trade show floor at Kensington Olympia in London 2014

Attending the IMATS trade show in London

After a hard period of working on our still secret job, we took time off at the end of June to attend the yearly trade show in London called IMATS. This year held at the Kensington Olympia. As always it is great to see all the stands with prosthetic demo’s and meet our friends and colleagues from all over the world.


Our new web page is launched

Our new web page launched

So last night was finally the launch of our new web page. A design in the making for a very long time to make it perfect for navigating to the most important info with the fewest clicks possible. Who has time anymore? I hope you enjoy it!


Shooting second season of Swedish Television's comedy series about Tobbe & Morran

Tobbe & Morran

Again it was time to revisit Tobbe & Morran from Swedish Televisions TV-series from 2013 called “The Family”. Once again the leads are played by the amazing comedian actors Robert Gustavsson and Johan Rheborg. This time we bring in help from outside to apply our makeups during the 3 week long shoot, since we are extremely busy with our secret commision. Thanks for the help Barney Nikolic (Harry Potter 5-7, World War Z, Thor 2) and Bernadette Schett (Shrek-the musical, X-men First Class, Game of Thrones)!


Attending the awsome Monsterpalooza 2014 in Los AngelesMonsterpalooza in LA 2014

After last years first visit to Monsterpalooza we decided to do it again this year. It was a great show and it was great to meet so many familiar faces that weekend. During the week in LA we also caught up with former collaborators by visiting Ironhead studios, having lunch with Rick Baker, paying a visit to Shane Mahan at Legacy Studios, celebrating Rob Freitas’ birthday where we met a lot of colleagues from our Narnia-days and LA-work-days. And last catching up with Howard Berger from KNB EFX at their latest workshop.


First image from Danish movie "Danny's domesday"First image of Danish monster

Here is the first image of one of our monster creations for the Danish film “Danny’s domesday”.


Crewing up

We started off the year by hiring colleagues from Spain, Germany and England to come and help us with our Secret project. We are looking forward to a very productive spring and raising the bar on the quality of our work!


Maskot masks based on horse-characterMaskot masks

At the beginning of December we started building more than a dozen maskot masks of a horse-character for Swedish betting company ATG.


We got the secret commision!

During the next 6 months we will be doing a big international sculpting job of unique sort. It will be fun to show the finished result in about a year when it can be revealed.


photo copyTeaching prosthetics at film school

In November we did our regular teaching at Stockholm Dramatic college for 3 weeks.


Visit to Ridley Scott’s “Exodus” set in Spain

In October we went to visit our friends and colleagues filming Ridley Scotts latest film “Exodus” in south of Spain. Conor O’Sullivan is responsible for the creature effects and our friend Arturo Balseiro – from collaborations on “The Wolfman”, “Narnia 2”, “Harry Potter 7” and “Little Britain” – is responsible for the Spanish team under Conor’s supervision.


Top secretSecret project

In August we started a test for a very interesting sculpting project that hopefully leads to doing the whole commission.


Likeness make-ups for TV3 SwedenLikeness make-ups for TV3 Sweden

During May and June we were asked to produce a bunch of prosthetics for a TV-serie where a famous Swdish actor was supposed to look like a number of Swedish celebrities. The head of make-up on the show was Virginia Vogel and our main task was to provide her with custom made prosthetics. 2 characters landed on our table and we produced to full coverage silicone make-ups.


Monster in Danish filmMonster in Danish film

This film was one of the reasons we were majorly book throughout May and June. The Danish film “Danny’s domesday” needed close-up parts of the main monster of the film for interaction with the actors. Visual effects supervisor Martin Madsen was a joy to work with and had a really good grasp of where to use digital and practical elements


Dead Snow 2

May was a totally mental month with lots of work and even more work requests! Among other things we had to turn down making zombies for the sequel to the Norwegian zombie movie “Dead snow”. It’s not every day you get such a cool request, to bad we were already fully booked up….. Thanks for thinking of us, Steinar Kaarstein!


Bernadette Schett applying our make-up for "Shrek - the musical"“Shrek – the musical” premieres at the Wermland Opera

The time has come for “Shrek – the musical” to open up to audiences in the city of Karlstad, Sweden. We handed over the daily application to prosthetic make-up artist Bernadette Schett, who is looking forward to around 100 applications in the coming year.


Visiting Monsterpalooza 2013Monsterpalooza 2013

This year we really felt the urge to see what all the fuzz was about with Monsterpalooza. Besides the excuse of going to LA for a trade show completely in our taste, it was also a good reason to keep our network in Hollywood in tact. While in LA we had lunch with 7-time Academy award make-up maestro Rick Baker, we visited Steve Wangs studio and were invited to Legacy effects by the man himself – Shane Mahan. Overall fantastic trip!


Pregnant belly for latest film with actor Michael NyqvistPregnant belly for latest film with actor Michael Nyqvist

During the spring we were asked if we could produce a pregnant belly that didn’t require a lot of post-production. Our answer could only be a Yes! Vera Vitali plays the pregnant lead and Michael Nyqvist plays the dad in director Ulf Malmors latest film “My so called dad”. We also made some comical dentures for actor Mikael Nyqvist for a theatre scene in the film.


Animatronic designer Chris Clarke puppeteering our moose actorAnimatronic moose in wintery Sweden

It was time to film the winter exteriors for the Dutch-Swedish film we started work on over 6 months ago. It was a great test to see how well an animatronic character holds up in down to minus 18 degrees centrigrades. And to tell you the truth the animatronic handled the cold better than some of our crew did!


More Turkish ING bank commercials

At the end of January it was time again to send a crew to Istanbul to film more ING commercials with our big animatronic lion suit.


Shrek, shrek and more shrekShrek Shrek Shrek

The bigger part of January was spent casting prosthetics for Shrek the musical opening in Sweden at Wermland Operan in Karlstad on April 25th. Green Shrek foreheads, green Shrek chins, green Shrek hands, green Fiona noses, green Shrek faces, green Shrek ears, green, green, GREEN!


Broadband commercialBroandband commercial

In mid-December we got the request to create a super-hero type of suit for a commercial for Swedish broadband company Bredbandsbolaget. With only 2 weeks to Christmas we had to design a suit that we could build in the short amount of time we had within a limited budget.


Visit “Beauty and the beast” set in Berlin

Our friend and colleague Brian Wade from Los Angeles was in Berlin to shoot the French film “Beauty and the beast” with masks made by Steve Wangs company. We went down there to visit the set and have the chance to see Brian again while he was on our side of the world.


Shrek the musical in SwedenShrek – the musical

The first picture of our Shrek-makeup for the Wermland Operan. Premiere in Karlstad, Sweden 24 april 2013.


Swedish humourSwedish humour

At the very beginning of November we were involved in a TV-series with 2 of Swedens most popular male comedians. They are playing a “white-trash” family – a older immature son who still lives at home with his mother. We were asked to design the characters in very little time and made 2 gelatine noses to make them have similar features.


Swedish Wallander-film fire stuntWallander fire stunt

Swedish stunt coordinator Kimmo Rajalaa asked us to build a stuntsmask for a fire stunt for the latest of the Swedish Wallander movies.


Shrek in the making

All of October was spent trying to make Shrek justice as a make-up for the Swedish version of the musical by Wermland Opera in Karlstad. The make up consists of a 4 piece overlapping appliance makeup plus additional hands. All made as good as the highest detailed film make-up. The design is mainly based on the animated character, but a slight glance has also been thrown towards Mike Marinos excellent version originally designed for the Broadway production.


Another shoot in Turkey

Once again we sent a small crew to Istanbul to puppeteer our animatronic lion character suit for more ING bank commercials.


midden-in-de-winternacht-9dcFilming moose for Dutch-Swedish film in Belgium

We have been busy from May to September building a talking animatronic moose for the Dutch film “Midden in de Winternacht”, co-produced with the Swedish company SF. The moose plays one of the leading roles in the film and needed to be able to express arange of emotions besides being abkle to imitate speaking. This is probably the biggest challenge with animatronics that we have undertaken and we are very pleased with the result. (photo: Victor Arnolds/ Lemming film)


Back to Instanbul

We had to finish our summer break a little bit early to send our production coordinator Åsa together with a small crew back to Istanbul to film with our lion for another few ING bank commercials.


Beginning the build of an animatronic mooseBuilding an animatronic moose

While we were shooting the animatronic ING lion suit in Istanbul we had a crew in Sweden starting the next project. The Dutch production company Lemming Film had asked us to build a realistic animatronic moose to be one of the lead characters for their next film. It’s an enormous challenge to build an animatronic character that is supposed to have lots of dialogue and that can show emotions throughout a whole film.


ING bank commercial in TurkeyING Lejon

April and May were very hectic months mainly due to the build of a gigantic animatronic mask and big furry suit for a Turkish commercial for ING bank. We shot 5 commercials in Istanbul during the month of May.


Busy month with work for 3 films and once TV-series. Make-up from Swedish feature film "Vittra"Busy month!

April has been a very busy month. Besides the gigantic animatronic character we’re building for a Turkish commercial, we have also managed to make a prosthetic for the Swedish TV-series “Solsidan”, a horror make-up for actors Johannes Brost’s latest film “Vittran” and an elephant trunck for a Danish commerical.


Wrath of the titans premiereWrath of the titans premiere

“Wrath of the titans” had it’s world premiere this weekend! One year after Göran supervised the prosthetics department for the film for Conor O’Sullivan in London, with a great crew of 45 people. Go and see it!


Astrid Lindgrens World in SwedenAstrid Lindgren World

During a few days in March we were hired by Astrid Lindgrens World to restore 33 silicone animatronic figures! Göran and London-based make-up artist Barney Nikolic were on sight to repaint the figures and did minor repairs before this seasons opening of the attraction.


Commercial for recyclingCommercial for recycling

We did quite a fun make-up for the next commercial in the series “Pantamera” for recycling bottles. A relatively quick job to make a silicone mask on a 25-year old dancer to turn her into a 60-70 year old lady


Oscar for best make-up to "The iron lady"Oscar for best make-up to “The Iron Lady”

For the second year in a row Göran was lucky to be involved in another Oscarwinning film for best make-up! This year Mark Coulier won the award for his amazing transformation of Meryl Streep into a young and old Margaret Thatcher. Göran was working for Mark on “X-men: First Class” during the same time that they made “The Iron Lady”, and he was asked to sculpt a couple of smaller prosthetics as a back-up for the test make-up on Meryl Streep.


Brian De Palma's film "Passion"Brian De Palmas film “Passion”

In February Göran had a request that was impossible to turn down. The colleagues at TC Effects in Berlin wanted help to sculpt a mask for Brian De Palmas next film “Passion” starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace. Göran did part of the sculpt in Sweden and flew down to Berlin for a couple of days to finish it off at TC Effects workshop.


Junibacken in StockholmJunibacken in Stockholm

In January we were asked by art construction supervisor Håkan Sanchis if we could help out with a new exhibition at Junibacken in Stockholm. The exhibition was based on illustrations by childrens book author Jan Lööf and they wanted help to provide fur for a giant ape and build the form for an oversized apple. It was fun to do something completely different!


Girl with the dragon tattoo in cinemasGirl with the dragon tattoo in cinemas

David Finchers American version of the first Millenium-book – Girl with the dragon tattoo – premiered in theaters all over the world just before christmas. We can finally show pictures of the mutilated cat we were asked to build during the fall of 2010 and which was difficult to miss in the film.


Wrath of the titans trailerWrath of the titans trailer

Finally the trailer and posters are out for the sequel to “Clash of the titans” premiering on March 30th 2012. It’s a great surprise that our minotaur was in the trailer as well as on the poster!

Thanks to Conor O’Sullivan for letting me help him supervise this gig! – Göran


Swedish Eurovision contest 2012Swedish Eurovision contest 2012

During the second half of November we were assigned to turn Swedish actress Helena Bergström into a fat man for the Swedish Song Contest 2012. Unfortunately we couln’t do a head cast of Helena and we had to reuse the molds from a fat make-up done years ago for another person. The wig was made by Katrin wahlberg at Stockholm City Theater and refitted to be used by Helena for this job.


Developing products

Parts of the October and November was spent developing some products we wanted to make for a very long time. Let’s see how that evolves.


The award winning book Cloud Atlas becomes a film with Tom Hanks

Filming the book Cloud Atlas

At the end of the summer Göran was asked to work on the film “Cloud Atlas” with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry by 3 different make-up fx companies in different countries! Having had Hungarian make-up fx genius Ivan Poharnok on his crew for “Clash of the titans 2” earlier in the year, he chose a one month sculpting job at Ivans company Filmefex in Budapest where we made some of the films bigger character make-ups.


Sculpture for art gallery

Art piece

Sometimes we sculpt art as well:-)


Premiere for the last Harry Potter-movie

The last Harry Potter-movie opens world wide

Finally the last Harry Potter-movie has opened in cinemas worldwide – “Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, part 2”. During 2009 Göran was part of Nick Dudmans make-up effects crew in London and participated in the build for the massive Goblin-sequence. All in all 60 individual goblins were made and Göran got to design his “own” goblin, for which he was responsible for the sculpt, paintjob and application on the actor during the 5-day shoot. A shoot that involved closer than 150 make-up artists!


Supervising creature effects for the sequel to Clash of the titans

Supervised “Clash of the titans 2”

Göran just finished his first supervisor gig for big Hollywood-film. From January to mid-April he was based in London at Conor O’Sullivans company Creatures Inc. being responsible for prosthetics-and creature effects for the sequel “Clash of the titans 2 – Wrath of the titans” featuring Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. With a crew reaching as high as approximately 45 artists at one time we managed to create some really cool make-ups and creatures in the short production time we had. Thank”s to everyone involved!’


Oscar for best make-up to The Wolfman

Oscar for best make-up to “The Wolfman”

This years Oscar for best make-up went to Rick Baker and Dave Elsey for the film “The Wolfman”. Congratulations, Rick and Dave! We are happy to have been part – if only a small part – of that work and truly honoured to have had the fortune to apply an Oscar winning make-up. And thanks Arturo and Spencer!


Supervising on a major Hollwyood production

On January 4th Göran went back to London after the holidays to supervise the creature effects for a major Hollywood production for Conor O’Sullivans company Creatures Inc. We will reveal more about the project during the spring.


Back at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds called at the end of November and Göran managed to fit in 3 weeks before christmas to sculpt for them.


Sculpting for Coulier Creatures on X-men:First ClassHired for “X-men: First Class”

The year ended with a new big budget production. After having to turn down a make-up job on “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” earlier, Göran could finally say yes to a couple of weeks on the latest X-men movie in London. Coulier Creatures was one of several FX companies to contribute to “X-men: First Class” effects and they hired Göran as a sculptor.


Torture effects for a new Arne Dahl-film

“Arne Dahl”-films continue

Arne Dahl’s criminal books are continued to be filmed by production company Filmlance and we have once again made some grueling effects to be used in this next film.


Working of David Finchers version of "Girl with the dragon tattoo"American version of “Girl with the dragon tattoo”

More or less all of October was spent on our assignment for the American version of “Girl with the dragon tattoo”. We worked very long days to finish in time for the shoot at the end of the month and our work was in the end received really well by both the American art director and demanding director David Fincher.


After 1 day off it was time to make a likeness make-up for a Norwegian company. We sculpted prosthetics that we cast in gelatine to be applied on a singer at the Oslo opera.


David Fincher in Sweden

If doing “False trail” wasnt enough, we also started an assignment for David Finchers American version of the Millenium-film “Girl with the dragon tattoo” shooting in Sweden during the fall of 2010 and spring of 2011.


Gutted body made for Swedish film "False trail"

Violent work for Swedish film “False trail”

This was a great month for our CV/ resume!  We built a pretty gruesome effect for the long overdue sequel to the Swedish blockbuster “Jägarna” from 1996. A woman is found gutted and emptied like a slaughtered animal to mislead the police. The effect is crucial to the story, so we hope that our work will be featured in the film after the premiere in 2011.


Travelling to Egypt to apply a character make-up during Ramadhan

Character make-up in Egypt

The fall season started with a quick emergency call out to Egypt to help out our English colleague Andy Hunt with applying a silicone make-up on one of Egypts more well-known actors playing King Farouk. This was filmed during the fasting month Ramadhan, which meant that all shooting was done at night and at a very high pace and in pressing heat.


EffektStudion makes famous characters for broadband commercial ComHem

Avatars and trolls

During June we also found the time to make 2 quck appliance make-ups for a new ComHem commercial where the characters Judith & Judith were supposed to look like a famous Swedish Astrid Lindgren-character troll and a blue Avatar, before it was time to fly to make-up trade show IMATS in LA and afterwards have a well deserved vacation in July.


Sculpting werwolves for Spanish effects company Dharma Estudio

Spanish werwolves

Before the summer holiday started our colleague Arturo Balseiro – who runs Dharma Estudio in Spaini – wanted us to sculpt 2 werewolf masks for a film they were doing effects for.


Silicone hand created for the film "Arne Dahl - Misterioso"Back in Sweden

Göran finished the work at Madame Tussauds in mid-May for this time. He spent 4 amazing months at one of the worlds foremost sculpting studios. Back in Sweden full time we finished a second version of the Henson ABBA-puppets we made last fall. At the same time the production company Filmlances filming of Swedish criminal books by Arne Dahl wanted us to do some effects for their first film of 10. An assignment we agreed to happily.


Filming a Dutch Bison glue commercial and a Swiss commercial with a marmotBison-mask and Marmot-puppet

The Bison-job for Holland and the Marmot-job for Switzerland continued with pressed dead lines and our work was filmed at the middle of the month in both countries.


Animatronics in two countries

During March the work became slightly hectic with several big jobs at the same time. In London we did a job for a Dutch commercial for Bison-glue with some of the best artists in the industry. They wanted an animatronic mask and a muscle suit to be used by an actor. At the same time in Sweden we put together another international crew to build an animatronic marmot-puppet for a Swiss commercial for the same company we made potato noses for last spring.


Silicone masks

In February Göran was back in Sweden for a short period making realistic silicone masks and hands for a Norwegian commercial where a guy was folded up flat by his girlfriend. Norwegian commercial for recycling.


Work at Madame Tussauds sculpting studio in LondonMadame Tussaud’s sculpting studio

After having passed the interview and sculpting tests in 2009 Göran continued the new year by flying over to London to work for the legendary Madame Tussauds and their sculpting studio. Production coordinator Åsa takes over the daily work at EffektStudion while Göran spends time in London honing his skills.


ComHem tshirt commercialComHem t-shirts

During the first few days of January we had time to work for a commercial for Swedish digital TV company ComHem where the characters Judith & Judith were being dressed in an infinite amount of t-shirts. Due to the enormous weight we built stands that the actors could step into that could also hold the weight and shape.


Contributing to Dick Smith's advanced professional make-up courseDick Smith’s advanced professional make-up course

During the fall Göran had been asked if he could contribute with pictures of his work and tech tips to the make-up legend Dick Smiths advanced professional make-up course. Dick Smith has for the last 20 years shared his skills and the most advanced techniques of our trade through a correspondence course that exceeds any make-up book on the market. Just to be asked to contribute to this course is an incredible honour and it goes without saying that we put together pictures and text to be e-mailed to Dick’s son David Smith before the end of the month.


In December we also built a quite simple foam latex hand puppet with animatronic eyes for a Finish pilot episode of a possible TV-series. The puppet was of a similar kind as the charicature puppets we built more than 10 years ago for Swedish TV-series “Riksorganet”.


Cover of step-by-step how to learn prosthetics book

Make-up book for education

In the middle of November Göran was guest speaking at the big film school Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm to present the book he wrote about basic prosthetic techniques. The book was ordered by Dramatiska Institutet to be used by the make-up artist classes in their curriculum. The book is written in Swedish


British sci-fi series Dr. Who

Dr. Who

After “The Wolfman” there were new assignements in London and Göran did sculpting duties for the coming season of British sci-fi television series “Dr Who” under supervision of Neill Gorton and his company Millenium FX, which has been responsible for all the series’ make-up fx since 2004.